Knowledge is our strength


Knowledge is our strength

Our geothermal competence and associated network have developed over several decades. The team has broad experience in energy systems based on geothermal energy and extensive experience from the oil and gas industry.

Our team

  • GTML-13

    Thor Erik Musæus, CEO

    More than 30 years of experience with business and project development nationally and internationally with a particular focus on geothermal energy. Led the team that established the Nordics' first deep energy wells at Oslo Airport.

  • GTML-15

    Bjørn Ståle Tennfjord, CFO

    Experienced economics and finance manager with more than 30 years' background from the energy industry, the last few years from geothermal. Similar experience from wind power and the oil industry in the past.

  • GTML-11

    Sjur Talstad, COO

    30 years' experience from top management jobs and technical positions in the oil industry. The last few years from the renewable industry with the development and delivery of geothermal energy systems.

  • GTML-14

    Thilo Theloy, Engineering Manager

    10 years' experience as a drilling engineer from the oil industry. Leading drilling engineer for the pilot project with 1,500 m deep wells at Oslo Airport. Design and implementation of geoenergy facilities.

  • GØ1

    Gaute Øksne, Project Manager

    Project management and contracting activities, extensive experience from geoenergy and energy well drilling. Led the project department in a drilling company and delivered a large number of well parks geographically spread across Norway. Worked with different drilling technologies for 15 years.

  • Jonathan Agersborg

    Jonathan Agersborg, Head of Markets

    10 years experience with sales and business development within thermal energy and offshore installations industry. Led the sales department in a utility company with focus on district heating and cooling markets.

  • GTML-13

    Bjørn Inge Tønnessen, Executive Board Member

    More than 35 years of experience from the energy industry, with a focus on renewable energy in recent years (geothermal, hydrogen, etc.); before that active in the finance and oil industry. Has established several companies in the same sectors. Chairman of Oslo listed Questerre Energy.

  • GTML 19 corr

    Pål Jarness, Consultant & Board Member

    Broad and solid experience from leading positions in finance and operations with a range of industrial and PE-owned businesses.

Our shareholders


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Established in 2007, Kerogen Capital is a private equity fund manager specializing in international energy. Kerogen has over USD 2 billion in Assets Under Management.

Founders and management team

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GTML was founded in 2019 by Thor Erik Musæus, Bjørn Ståle Tennfjord, Thilo Theloy, Pål Jarness, Sjur Talstad and Bjørn Inge Tønnessen. The founders have broad experience from geothermal energy development and the oil and gas industry.

Board members

  • Anish Patel

    Anish Patel, Chair

    Partner and Investment Committee member of Kerogen Capital. Over 15 years’ experience in investments and corporate finance in the energy industry.

  • Andre3

    Andre Cheng, Board Member

    Andre is a member of the Investment and Portfolio Management Team. Prior to joining Kerogen, he was an Associate at Jefferies in the Energy Investment Banking Group in Houston and Hong Kong.

  • Julesvan Limborgh

    Jules van Limborgh, Board Member

    Managing Director and Head of the Technical team at Kerogen Capital. More than 35 years upstream oil and bank industry experience with a focus on geoscience, drilling and well testing operations, field appraisal and development, and commercial negotiations.

  • Tom Nysted

    Tom Nysted, Board Member

    Extensive management experience from industrial and commercial executive positions in several industries, including 13 years as CEO of Agder Energi. Deep insight into energy markets and the ongoing changes.

  • GTML 19 corr

    Pål Jarness, Board Member

    Broad and solid experience from leading positions in finance and operations with a range of industrial and PE-owned businesses.

  • GTML-13

    Bjørn Inge Tønnessen, Board Member

    35 years of experience from the oil & gas and financial markets sectors. Founder and CEO of Spike Exploration & Edge Petroleum. Chairman of Oslo listed Questerre Energy.

Code of conduct


Our Code of Conduct governs our expectations and requirements for ethical practices in our business.