We are always up to something new. Scroll down to see some of our latest projects, interviews and updates.

We are always up to something new. Scroll down to see some of our latest projects, interviews and updates.


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In the media

VVSforum, Apr 2024

GTML strives to take overall responsibility for the establishment of geothermal heating in new and existing buildings. We do this through financing, engineering, construction and operation of ground source heat pumps. In an article in VVSforum, our CEO explains how we help our customers with their energy needs. (Text in Norwegian)

Energy podcast

In the latest episode of Energipodden, Asplan Viak's technial manager for geothermal energy, Randi Kalskin Ramstad, explains the difference between the two main types of geothermal energy (Norwegian audio).

The government is facilitating more local energy production and geothermal energy.

Energy Minister Terje Aasland in Finansavisen (behind a paywall)

Geothermal Energy – The unused treasure chest of renewable energy

The Vimeo-stream from this year's Arendal week (in Norwegian)

Altinget.no, May 2023

Bård Folke Fredriksen (Norske Boligbyggelags Landsforbund) and Thor Erik Musæus (GTML) with a chronicle at Altinget.no: "It means a lot for our common power balance, if we turn the apartment blocks into energy producers and power savers" (Text in Norwegian)

Finansavisen TV, Feb. 2023

We are visited in the studio by Thor Erik Musæus, CEO of Geothermal Energy Nordic. With British capital behind him, he wants to focus on geothermal heating on a large scale and he believes Norway can get 10 terawatt hours of energy from the technology. But can the solution that Iceland embraced many years ago also work in Norway? If so, at what price? (Norwegian Audio)

E24, Dec. 2022

One of the finest things oil and energy minister Terje Aasland (Ap) knows of in Norwegian nature is high-voltage pylons. But because these are already running at full capacity, the minister is now also looking at the potential for more geothermal and district heating.

(Text in Norwegian)

Teknisk Ukeblad, Aug. 2022

The terawatt hours under our feet. Geothermal energy has enormous potential to allow us to save electricity as well as reducing grid development.

(Text in Norwegian)

Geo365, Jan. 2022

Directly under our feet lies enough energy to cover large parts of Norway's heating needs. Best of all, it is emission-free and renewable.

(Text in Norwegian)

E24 article, Nov. 2021

The climate summit in Glasgow once again highlights the need for major efforts in the rapid development and commercialization of renewable energy solutions. Greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced and the temperature rise on the planet must be restricted.

(Text in Norwegian)

E24 podcast, Aug. 2021

There is more than hydropower and wind power.

(Audio in Norwegian)